About Us

Flipped Education and Action Learning Association


Our association is established to promote the awareness of non-school based training. Our most updated training methods enable young generations, particularly from age age 13-30 to be more confident and competent after participating our training projects. We provide free/low cost programmes to participants by the fund we raised to enhance the participants’ core competence, such as leadership, communication, innovation and teamwork skills. Moreover, we provide internship opportunities to undergraduate students to help them understand how a NPO is operated in Taiwan.

Being as globally connected as we want, the association wishes to play the role of bridging Taiwan’s youth to international arenas, and at the same time, bringing more overseas youth to visit Taiwan, to be trained here in our short programmes and therefore to promote international friendship and understanding in the long run.

The team members at our office are both locally and overseas well-trained elites who are passionate and highly engaged in teaching methods, learning theories and training tools. We hope to provide the best learning and training environment to our participants and help them enhance their learning abilities. It is the ‘flipped education‘ era, and therefore, we ‘take action‘ to make learning and self-improvement more systematically and less frustrating.

Example 1:

Father Lee’s Leadership and Kingship Summer Camp

Time: 2017/8/14-15

Theme: Leadership and teamwork

Core competence training: Basic level of leadership and teamwork skills.

Participants: Junior and Senior High school students, age 12-17.

Funding: Private funding.

Link: http://www.feala.org.tw/?p=5189

Example 2:

Youth Civic Engagement and Leadership Training Camp


Theme: Civic Engagement

Core competence training: Civic Engagement leadership and partnership

Participants: Undergraduate students, age 18-21.

Funding: Government funding.

Link (currently available in Chinese only): http://www.feala.org.tw/?p=4516

Example 3:

Rotary District 3522, Chung Xia Rotary Club, Elite Youth Leadership and Training Camp


Theme: Leadership and teamwork

Core competence training: Middle level of leadership and teamwork skills.

Participants: All members at Chung Xia Rotary Youth Club, age 18-30.

Funding: Private funding.

Link (currently available in Chinese only): http://www.feala.org.tw/?p=4300


We are aiming at developing projects for youth, from age 13-30, particularly, to be able to serve for their families, schools and communities, by using the competence that they are trained by us. Therefore, we would need the (online volunteers to promote for our organization, do fund-raising and to link with overseas projects/programmes.

Being a non-profit organisation, we always need volunteers to help with administration jobs at our local office which located in Wenshan District (Taipei city), Taiwan.


Since nowadays, the PBL (problem-based learning) is very popular locally in Taiwan, we hope our volunteers can work with us not just by doing what we assign them to do but by pointing out the problems and do the problem-based brain storming altogether with our teachers and staff. The process itself is precious learning experiences for both the volunteers and the teachers at FEALA. It’s the great opportunity for volunteers from East Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore etc. to get to know more about the public affairs and social development here in Taiwan by assisting our projects. Also, they can practice using Chinese languages with our local staff.

How to join us?

  1. Online volunteering:

We have three types of tasks that are in need of your help:

  1. Fund raising.
  2. English text proof-reading.
  3. Support of marketing materials making (English).

Please contact us at hello@feala.org.tw for more information.

  1. Volunteering in office:

Our office is located in the centre of Taipei city, Taiwan. We welcome volunteers to join us all year round.